Modern Standard
Keep-up changes
Keep-up Modern Designs
Projects Delivery on Time
Follow-up and Support
Work in All Circumstances
Lay out the Designs
Follow-up in Site
Advance Planning
Environment Protection
Are our Works Basics
Employees Health and Safety
Supply Management
Per Required Specifications
Logistic Support
Project Foundations
The Best Equipment
Soil And Environment Examinations
Final Finishing
Implementation Integration
Electric , Mechanic and Control
Per the Required Specifications
Offices Design and Equipment
Control Systems
Fire Extinguishing Systems
Training and Awareness
Buildings Facades
Auto Doors and Gates
HVAC Systems

Our Services

Implementation of projects in an integrated manner and includes project management, supply of materials and all construction works, installation and after-sales or post-delivery services, which are implemented through a specialized technical and administrative staff to meet the needs of the business sector, civil and infrastructure projects.

Service Four

Service Four

Projects  management ,supervising and follow-up services

What we can submit to you


Create a communication system and program equipped with adequate staff and all modern equipment of communication to communicate with the beneficiaries and partners and take their comments and suggestions into consideration, while continuing to provide technical and administrative advice after project delivery and commitment to the completion periods of contracts concluded within the period specified in the contract with commitment to warranty periods and after-sales/post-delivery services.


Initial and final project designs.

Basic and final civil works.

Electrical , mechanical and control systems.

Supply and preparation of primary and supplementary materials for projects

Management, follow-up and give consults


We believe that the field of trade and general contracting is a solidarity activity among companies operating in this sector to achieve the common goal of achieving quality standards and good implementation, which requires providing advice and assistance within the framework of the rules and laws of commercial competition.

Our Projects

In addition to the previous implemented and ongoing or under implementation projects, our company is looking to implement more projects and contracts in its field of competence, in line with our plans to develop performance and follow the development of modern solutions and technologies while ensuring compliance with work ethics and conditions of commercial competition.

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